New York: Giants
Super Bowl 2012, Giants Vs. Patriots: The New York Giants Are Jersey's Team, According To Governor Doug Christie
Poor New Jersey. Feeling left out of the Super Bowl hullabaloo between New York and Massachusetts, Governor Doug Christie piped up on "Meet The Press" last week to remind everyone that the New York Giants have much more in common with the Jersey Shore than the Big Apple.
"The only thing New York about the Giants is the ‘NY' on their helmets. They train in New Jersey, they play in New Jersey and most of their players live in New Jersey," Christie said.

According to New York governor Andrew Cuomo, the "NY" on the helmet means quite a bit, actually. He is the process of trying to goad Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick into a wager on his New England Patriots. As for what state gets credit for "New England", Cuomo maintains that the un-specified region is so that Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine can all maintain "semi-deniability" of the Pats.