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Rumor: the Rangers are considering Russell Martin
The Yankees are expected to bid to keep catcher Russell Martin this offseason, but it appears that they’ll have competition. The latest, according to Buster Olney of ESPN, is the Texas Rangers, who are considering him.
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The Yankees really like Martin and tried to sign him to an extension a year ago, rumored to be three-years and $20 million at the time. He turned it down though and despite a poor offensive season where he hit under .200 until September, it appears that Martin may have made the right move. He might not get a lot more than $20 million, but it seems a safe bet that he could get at least that much.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman constantly praises Martin and has even compared him to Thurman Munson on occasion. Despite that he seems to have kept the goal of reaching $189 million in mind and said that just because the Yankees want him back doesn’t mean they will get him back. Oh, how times have changed.