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Is Brett Gardner Returning to the Yankees as a Pinch-Runner a Joke?
After numerous vague injury reports, Yankee outfielder Brett Gardner was scheduled to for elbow surgery in late July, which would effectively end his season. With the appearance of team physician Dr. Christopher Ahmad's surgical kit, the 2012 Yankees would have to deal with even less speed on an aging team.
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However, manager Joe Girardi and his trusty binder told reporters Gardner’s campaign might not be just over. Apparently, they are considering bringing back the 29-year-old strictly as a pinch-runner. “We need to get him on the field in some spikes in some situations that he might be put in before we can decide if he’s ready to go.” said the Yankee skipper.

I get the need for speed on the base paths. In fact, the Yankee leader in steals this year is Alex Rodriguez. Yes, the same guy who has missed 39 games due to injuries this year leads the squad in stolen bases, barely breaking double digits.