New York: Yankees
Angels' Torii Hunter plows into unlucky Yankee fan while attemping to catch Robinson Cano home run
An up-close encounter with a baseball star is usually the thrill of a lifetime for most fans – that is unless the athlete in question comes at you like a bulldozer and smashes you to the ground without so much as an apology.
This unlikely scenario is exactly what happened to one unlucky Yankee fan who served as an impromptu landing mat for the Angels' Torii Hunter Saturday night during the Bombers' 3-2 victory at Angel Stadium.

With the game scoreless in the fourth inning, Robinson Cano ripped Ervin Santana's 3-2 pitch into the right field stands, where Hunter attempted one of his signature home-run stealing catches. Although he came up short in robbing Cano, the nine-time Gold-Glove-winner still managed to make the highlight reel circuit by taking out the unsuspecting spectator with an NFL-worthy hit.

Hunter got back to his feet in a flash, but his victim only regained verticality with the help of a friend – a fellow Yankee fan who gave the overzealous outfielder a piece of his mind.