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Wrigley Field Renovations: Chicago Cubs Plan To Build Party Patio, LED Videoboard In Right Field
Among the news to come out of the 2012 Cubs Convention held over the weekend was a plan for some changes to Wrigley Field. Specifically, the team is going to completely re-make the right field bleacher area to include both a patio and a brand new 75-foot-long LED board.
While it is a bit reminiscent of the seating atop the Green Monster in Boston, as ESPN Chicago's Jon Greenberg points out, it's a plan primarily built on the rooftop seating concept that has proven popular just beyond the confines of Wrigley Field.

The patio, sponsored by Budweiser, naturally, isn't really an homage to the Green Monster seats in Boston, but rather it's a straight rip-off of the rooftops, with all-inclusive booze and food fare aimed at drawing groups willing to drop serious loot to get loaded and maybe watch a game. It will be easier to see the game. The Cubs are raising the seats to include the LED board and to give fans a better view of the action.